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Well met! I’m Kalista, and I co-admin Istari with my husband, Arius. We've run a few other sites together, from an old west Supernatural roleplay to a Tron Legacy board, but Istari is our first original creation. It was originally adapted as a D&D campaign setting for a group of friends, but I always loved the idea of mixing magic and technology to get both a classic and urban fantasy feel. I still enjoy playing tabletop D&D, but these days I tend to spend more time on writing and online roleplay.

Along with avid writing comes avid reading, and I always have at least one book going. I tend to bounce back and forth between urban or high fantasy and science fiction, but I also enjoy crime novels and a handful of the classics. I also love gaming on the Playstation and Nintendo 3DS. I love a wide variety of games, but the original Mass Effect trilogy is nearest and dearest to my heart.

I tend to be online from midday to late evening, depending on my work schedule, and I usually lurk throughout the day. I love working with coding and graphics, so if you’re having trouble with something or have questions about the setting, feel free to message me or hop into the chat box. I’m always open to feedback, and I hope you enjoy playing in Istari as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it!

Heyla! I'm Arius, one of the admins here on Istari, and Kalista's lucky husband. I love writing (obviously), especially horror, fantasy, and sci fi, though I've been known to dabble in poetry and even fanfiction in the past. Though I don't seem to find the time for them as much as I used to, I enjoy playing games, both video and tabletop, and if I'm not around on the site it's probably because I'm playing my PS4 or 3DS.

I'm a great devourer of all sorts of literature, from high fantasy epics to dry historical tales, from fiction to non-fiction, and even comic books, which I have a huge passion for. I co-own a small comic shop in my hometown, which is something of a dream come true for me, and I've been collecting and reading comics and graphic novels since I was about five years old.

I'm usually around in the evenings to answer questions, play in the cbox, or even just shoot the breeze, so feel free to hit me up if you ever need anything!

Hey there! I’m Kay, Istari's moderator, and it’s nice to meet you! I’ve been roleplaying and writing for more than ten years and have been playing on Istari for about the whole time that it’s been open. I’ve known Kali and Arius for almost ten years now and actually got my online handler name from Arius. I’m a frequent writer and I do get distracted relatively easily as I’m always on social media sites. But currently I’ve been distracted with watching TV shows.

I’m an avid TV watcher ranging from Supernatural all the way to anime and nostalgia TV shows. Currently I’ve gotten myself stuck on Gargoyles. I’m also a classic anime fan, I’ve seen some of the newer animes, but the classics are my favorite. I’m also into a lot of superhero movies and horror movies, but movies in general are the things that I’m doing if I’m not writing.

I used to be a night owl, but given my 4am work schedule, I can be found lurking around here at high noon to about early evening, I’m a lurker so there will always definitely be someone there to answer your questions! Welcome to Istari!


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 Species List
 Posted: Dec 17th 2012, 01:54 PM
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Species List

First and foremost, it should be mentioned that the staff reserves the right to deny or ask for alterations to any characters you may create. Due to the openness of the site and the vast range of character types we will be allowing, it's very important that your character doesn't come off as over-powered, and that he, she, or it has balanced and believable weaknesses in addition to their powers and abilities.

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Celestials are creatures of divine origin, such as gods, demi-gods, angelic beings, or agents working on their behalf. We're open to any and all religious mythologies, fictional and non-fictional, from ancient Greece to modern-day Christianity, and everything before and in between. So long as your character has well-balanced weaknesses and strengths, he, she, or it will be welcome on Istari. It should be noted that full-fledged deity characters might only be approved for a temporary trial period at first.

Your character belongs here if… they are an agent of or share blood with any angel, deity, or divine being.

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Feyborn are creatures that are typically thought of as faeries, elves, nymphs, or any other naturally magical beings. Usually they are tied in with nature somehow, and they tend to be imbued with magic or magical senses that come as naturally to them as breathing. Feyborn can be good, evil, or anything in between, and their powers and weaknesses can cover a very broad range, though most are weak to iron or silver.

Your character belongs in this group if… their lineage can be traced back to any fey race or creature.

user posted image

Humans with special powers and abilities are considered Gifted here on Istari. A Gifted character may be a psychic of some sort, a practitioner of witchcraft and the arcane arts, or be in possession of a different type of power or unnatural skill. As with everything else, a Gifted character must have a good balance of strengths and weaknesses.

Your character belongs here if… they are a full-blooded human who was born with special abilities.

user posted image

In nearly every religion and mythology, there is a group of creatures in direct opposition to celestial beings. On Istari, these are known as Hellspawn, and they are evil incarnate. As with Celestials, we are accepting demonic creatures from any and all mythologies and religions, as long as the character is balanced and not over-powered.

Your character belongs here if… they are a full or part-blooded demon, devil, or other infernal being.

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Mortals are your ordinary, run-of-the-mill human beings. Whether your human character hails from Istari or Earth, he or she would be considered Mortal. Just because Mortal characters don't exhibit any kind of powers or magic doesn't mean they can't be highly intelligent, or very gifted fighters. Mortals can have many skills and talents, so long as those talents are completely natural and human.

Your character belongs here if… they are a normal, full-blooded human with no special abilities.

user posted image

Shapeshifters exist in one way, shape, or form in almost every bit of mythology and fiction from around the world. Whether they can change into another person, or take on the form of a wild animal, any character who can alter their physical form into something else is considered a Shapeshifter. Strengths and weaknesses vary depending on the lore, but most Shapeshifters have some sort of weakness or aversion to silver. Again, make sure your character doesn't come off as over-powered, and has plenty of weaknesses to match their strengths.

Your character belongs here if… they are a skin walker, were-creature, or can alter their physical form.

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Revenants, ghosts, vampires, and the like all fall into the Undead category. It should be noted that even though many types of vampires aren't technically "undead" in the traditional sense, they will all be classified as Undead here on Istari. Depending on the type of Undead creature, strengths and weaknesses are varied, though they should be able to be traced back to some sort of actual lore. Oh, and NO TWILIGHT-STYLE VAMPIRES!

Your character belongs here if… they are a zombie, vampire, or any other member of the walking dead.

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If the character you're making doesn't seem to fit into one of the above categories, then he, she, or it may be Unique. As with the other species, though, we expect Unique characters to be well thought-out and balanced, as well as believable within the established site mythology.

Your character belongs here if… they are a human with abilities granted from an outside source (abilities they weren’t born with), they are an intelligent beast or race whose heritage is not celestial, infernal, or fey, they are cursed/blessed, they are a
half breed without a human half, or they do not fit in any of
the afore-mentioned member groups.

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