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Well met! I’m Kalista, and I co-admin Istari with my husband, Arius. We've run a few other sites together, from an old west Supernatural roleplay to a Tron Legacy board, but Istari is our first original creation. It was originally adapted as a D&D campaign setting for a group of friends, but I always loved the idea of mixing magic and technology to get both a classic and urban fantasy feel. I still enjoy playing tabletop D&D, but these days I tend to spend more time on writing and online roleplay.

Along with avid writing comes avid reading, and I always have at least one book going. I tend to bounce back and forth between urban or high fantasy and science fiction, but I also enjoy crime novels and a handful of the classics. I also love gaming on the Playstation and Nintendo 3DS. I love a wide variety of games, but the original Mass Effect trilogy is nearest and dearest to my heart.

I tend to be online from midday to late evening, depending on my work schedule, and I usually lurk throughout the day. I love working with coding and graphics, so if you’re having trouble with something or have questions about the setting, feel free to message me or hop into the chat box. I’m always open to feedback, and I hope you enjoy playing in Istari as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it!

Heyla! I'm Arius, one of the admins here on Istari, and Kalista's lucky husband. I love writing (obviously), especially horror, fantasy, and sci fi, though I've been known to dabble in poetry and even fanfiction in the past. Though I don't seem to find the time for them as much as I used to, I enjoy playing games, both video and tabletop, and if I'm not around on the site it's probably because I'm playing my PS4 or 3DS.

I'm a great devourer of all sorts of literature, from high fantasy epics to dry historical tales, from fiction to non-fiction, and even comic books, which I have a huge passion for. I co-own a small comic shop in my hometown, which is something of a dream come true for me, and I've been collecting and reading comics and graphic novels since I was about five years old.

I'm usually around in the evenings to answer questions, play in the cbox, or even just shoot the breeze, so feel free to hit me up if you ever need anything!

Hey there! I’m Kay, Istari's moderator, and it’s nice to meet you! I’ve been roleplaying and writing for more than ten years and have been playing on Istari for about the whole time that it’s been open. I’ve known Kali and Arius for almost ten years now and actually got my online handler name from Arius. I’m a frequent writer and I do get distracted relatively easily as I’m always on social media sites. But currently I’ve been distracted with watching TV shows.

I’m an avid TV watcher ranging from Supernatural all the way to anime and nostalgia TV shows. Currently I’ve gotten myself stuck on Gargoyles. I’m also a classic anime fan, I’ve seen some of the newer animes, but the classics are my favorite. I’m also into a lot of superhero movies and horror movies, but movies in general are the things that I’m doing if I’m not writing.

I used to be a night owl, but given my 4am work schedule, I can be found lurking around here at high noon to about early evening, I’m a lurker so there will always definitely be someone there to answer your questions! Welcome to Istari!


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 Cbox Rules
 Posted: Dec 17th 2012, 01:50 PM
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Cbox Rules

user posted image DIRECT LINK FOR THOSE ON PHONES AND TABLETS user posted image
((Out Of Character (OOC) comments go in double parenthesis))
*thoughts, actions, emotions, and/or internalization go in asterisks*
Username - A character’s name shown normally means they’re playing in Earth
*Username* - Asterisks around a character's name means they’re playing in Istari

user posted image You may not post in-character in the cbox until your character has been approved, activated, and moved to the character directory. Until then, keep any comments out of character unless otherwise stated by an admin.

user posted image To register your character's name in the cbox, click the "Profile" button in the lower right-hand corner of the cbox, under the "Go" button. Make sure you register two names: one for your character in the modern world and one for your character in Istari.

user posted image Once your character is approved, please stop using your OOC account in the cbox and switch to your character account. To make them easily identifiable, only staff members keep dedicated player accounts in the cbox.

user posted image Use the key above to differentiate when your character is playing in Earth or Istari. Aside from indicating location, players can also hover over a character’s name to see who plays them or click it to view their application.

user posted image No spamming other sites or otherwise advertising in the cbox.

user posted image No god-modding (abusing a powerful character’s abilities or forcefully influencing another person’s character without their permission) or meta-gaming (using player knowledge your character wouldn’t have to benefit them or influence their actions) in the cbox.

user posted image Please use moderation when having your character engage in over-the-top drama, violence, or sex in the cbox. This can get tiresome for other players, so consideration in this area is greatly appreciated.

user posted image No explicit sexual content in the cbox. You must fade to black before things really get going. Where you go after taking it out of the cbox is up to you. We recommend starting a Chatzy session if you really want to heat things up. It’s free, simple, and completely private.

user posted image The cbox is to be considered separate from threads in terms of plots and events. It should be used as a place to mingle with other players and characters, and to come up with or test out potential plot ideas, but not as a substitute for content that should be threaded out. That means that just because you meet someone or do something in the cbox, it doesn't mean you've done that thing or met that person in thread continuity. And remember, it’s the threads that count!

user posted image The general cbox layout on Earth is a self-serve lodge-type setting with a large general barroom with pool tables, couches, tables and chairs, etc. A kitchen is open to anyone, and several sleeping rooms can be found upstairs. There is also a yard in back with a deck, a pool, and woods beyond that.

user posted image The general cbox layout in Istari is a good-sized, well maintained inn. Like its counterpart on Earth, it has a self-serve bar, and there are rooms upstairs, as well as an outdoor area, including stables, for your character’s convenience. Modern amenities like heated water or refrigeration are accomplished either by more primitive means or by magic.

user posted image The main cbox locations are neutral ground. That means good guys, bad guys, and anything in between can all mingle there without the threat of being killed. That doesn’t mean you have to trust everyone there or spill all your secrets in front of each other, but if you want to have your character fight with someone else's, try and take it outside the building if other characters are present and don’t wish to participate! Anyone who chooses to join in after that is welcome to.

user posted image You may have your character leave the main cbox locations for mini-plots. Basically this means if you want your character to run off somewhere else in the world to have an adventure, that's fine, so long as they end up back at the main cbox location at the end of it. Remember to be considerate when engaging in violence and frequent or over-the-top drama inside the main locations, as others may not wish to participate.

user posted image When RPing in the cbox, please try to leave something for your partner(s) to respond to, rather than keeping the conversation/interaction completely one-sided. Terse, close-ended replies and/or only emoting can sometimes make it difficult or even boring for a player and doesn’t give them a lot to go on when it comes to their own replies. It can easily become tiresome or frustrating for one person to try and keep a conversation going or to try and draw a character out. Obviously some characters are just naturally more reticent than others, but do your best to engage your RP partners, and to stay engaged with them throughout the course of play.

user posted image Staff members are here to make the call on any issues or disagreements that cannot be settled between players. If you wish to discuss an issue or decision, please do so respectfully and remember that their word is ultimately final. It will get you a lot farther than berating and cursing.

user posted image
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