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Well met! I’m Kalista, and I co-admin Istari with my husband, Arius. We've run a few other sites together, from an old west Supernatural roleplay to a Tron Legacy board, but Istari is our first original creation. It was originally adapted as a D&D campaign setting for a group of friends, but I always loved the idea of mixing magic and technology to get both a classic and urban fantasy feel. I still enjoy playing tabletop D&D, but these days I tend to spend more time on writing and online roleplay.

Along with avid writing comes avid reading, and I always have at least one book going. I tend to bounce back and forth between urban or high fantasy and science fiction, but I also enjoy crime novels and a handful of the classics. I also love gaming on the Playstation and Nintendo 3DS. I love a wide variety of games, but the original Mass Effect trilogy is nearest and dearest to my heart.

I tend to be online from midday to late evening, depending on my work schedule, and I usually lurk throughout the day. I love working with coding and graphics, so if you’re having trouble with something or have questions about the setting, feel free to message me or hop into the chat box. I’m always open to feedback, and I hope you enjoy playing in Istari as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it!

Heyla! I'm Arius, one of the admins here on Istari, and Kalista's lucky husband. I love writing (obviously), especially horror, fantasy, and sci fi, though I've been known to dabble in poetry and even fanfiction in the past. Though I don't seem to find the time for them as much as I used to, I enjoy playing games, both video and tabletop, and if I'm not around on the site it's probably because I'm playing my PS4 or 3DS.

I'm a great devourer of all sorts of literature, from high fantasy epics to dry historical tales, from fiction to non-fiction, and even comic books, which I have a huge passion for. I co-own a small comic shop in my hometown, which is something of a dream come true for me, and I've been collecting and reading comics and graphic novels since I was about five years old.

I'm usually around in the evenings to answer questions, play in the cbox, or even just shoot the breeze, so feel free to hit me up if you ever need anything!

Hey there! I’m Kay, Istari's moderator, and it’s nice to meet you! I’ve been roleplaying and writing for more than ten years and have been playing on Istari for about the whole time that it’s been open. I’ve known Kali and Arius for almost ten years now and actually got my online handler name from Arius. I’m a frequent writer and I do get distracted relatively easily as I’m always on social media sites. But currently I’ve been distracted with watching TV shows.

I’m an avid TV watcher ranging from Supernatural all the way to anime and nostalgia TV shows. Currently I’ve gotten myself stuck on Gargoyles. I’m also a classic anime fan, I’ve seen some of the newer animes, but the classics are my favorite. I’m also into a lot of superhero movies and horror movies, but movies in general are the things that I’m doing if I’m not writing.

I used to be a night owl, but given my 4am work schedule, I can be found lurking around here at high noon to about early evening, I’m a lurker so there will always definitely be someone there to answer your questions! Welcome to Istari!


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Rykar Turacson


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Nov 2nd 2016, 07:38 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 350px; padding: 30px; background-color: #222;"><div style="width: 350px; height: 250px; background-image: url(http://i1278.photobucket.com/albums/y518/sgtkero/240a3ffa-3e1b-4f29-bd67-d6e79786520c_zps7fa54762.jpg )"><div style="height: 200px"></div><div style="width: 300px; background-color: #222; color: #efefef; text-align: center; font-family: trebuchet ms; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; padding-top: 15px; padding-bottom: 15px; letter-spacing: 3px; word-spacing: 2px">I believed in your confusion</div></div><div style="height: 30px"></div><div style="width: 250px; padding: 50px; font-family: georgia; font-size: 9px; line-height: 100%; text-align: justify; background-color: #e6e6e6; color: #222;">

It had been almost two days since he had witnessed Nellie in the midst of a seizure. She had described to him before what it would look like, but seeing it was so much worse than hearing about it. He had been on the way to their bed chambers after a hot bath and found her on the floor, convulsing and looking beyond him no matter how loudly he called to her. <br>
</br>The image was hard to get out of his mind. Rykar had called for the healers, who came running into the room and moved to help Nellie with what they called “the shaking sickness.” They told their king several times over that the herb potions they had given Nellie would help and that the Great Stallion would care for the queen. As grounded in his faith as anyone else, Rykar still felt uneasy. Nellie had tried to warn him what this was and what it meant, but he had not listened. He had been convinced that healers and the Great Stallion would heal her mind and spirit, but she did not seem to hear those prayers, or his god didn’t. A civil war, the deposing of his father, the death of his brothers…all had been in the name of faith, and for what? To see his bride apparently wasting away before him. <br>
</br>Rykar was in the Temple, offering up his prayers to his god once again. The roof was open, as his people believed no house or church was a proper home for their god, who roamed free in the Sky Lands and guided his herd through the stars. Smoke rose into the open sky above as he knelt and prayed. At the altar, such as it was, one rearing horse stood etched in stone. An ornate sword lay at its feet, the only source of any finery in the center of worship; the sword had belonged to the First Rider, and Rykar and his bloodline was descended from that mighty line of kings. <br>
</br>He lost track of time. When he felt that his prayers were either heard or not and more would make no difference, he rose to his feet, his knees stiff from remaining in contact with the ground for so long. He walked out of the Temple and into the Great Hall that was the home of all kings before him, and now he and Nellie resided there. The endless tapestries depicting battles from long ago, the relics and reminders of the lives of Errosed, all were ignored by Rykar as he strode down the halls toward the royal bedchambers. <br>
</br>He opened the door and quietly stepped inside in case Nellie was sleeping. Rykar did not want to wake her, hoping that some sleep might help her regain some strength.

</div><div style="height: 30px"></div><a href="http://forums.athousandfireflies.com/index.php?showuser=8724"><div style="width: 300px; color: #222; background-color: #efefef; text-align: center; font-family: trebuchet ms; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; padding-top: 15px; padding-bottom: 15px; letter-spacing: 3px; word-spacing: 2px">you were so completely torn</div></a></div></center>[/dohtml]
Nov 2nd 2016, 07:38 PM
Dec 20th 2013, 02:12 AM
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Errosed, Istari

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Devin Paisley

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</div><div class="nappborder"></div><div class="newname" style="font-size: px">

Rykar Turacson

<center><div class="divider" style="width: 98%; margin-top: -6px; margin-left: 5px;"></div></center><div class="lyricstext">

You know that you have seen this all before
<br>Tremble, little lion man,
<br>You'll never settle any of your scores
<br>Your grace is wasted in your face,
<br>Your boldness stands alone among the wreck
<br>Now learn from your mother or else spend your days biting your own neck

</div></div><div class="napplooks"><div class="napptitle">Physical Description</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="lookstext">

Rykar stands at 6’2, tall for his people, and is lean. He has muscles from working with horses and swords for most of his life, but he never filled out the way other men around him did, always remaining tall and lean rather than rippled muscle. However, this has served him well; he has used this lightness and thinness to his advantage: his horse can move faster with a lighter rider and he can move quicker as well, aiding him in battle. His hair is a dark blond and straight, though due to its thickness has a lot of body to it. He tends to let it go wherever it wants, never really caring unless appearing before his father’s hall, and he cuts it fairly short, leaving it to hang just above his ears at its longest and barely touching his forehead at its shortest. He has sea-green eyes and tends to have a bit of scruff on his cheeks, face, and neck and full lips. At all times he wears a leather necklace with a golden rearing horse pendant at the end: a symbol of his house and of his religion. <br>
</br>Like many of the warriors of Erros, even the prince has not escaped scars from battle. With such a vast amount of land to protect and wealthy goods to protect as well, battle is far more common for Rykar than he would like. He has a scar on his chest inches over his heart from his first battle where he was stabbed by a foe; he has another long, knotted scar on his right side where a curved blade dug into his flesh and nearly killed him. It extends from just under his armpit to his hip. He has a thin scar across his stomach below his bellybutton from a sword-practice accident as a child; it was not deep but it was enough that his friend, who had struck him, was beaten for harming the prince. He has several small scars on his back, mostly from practice for battle and small accidents as a child and all faded to the point of being almost unseen on his normally tan skin.
When Rykar travels to Earth, he tries to blend in as much as possible. As such he wears what he sees others wearing but also what is normal to him from his own people: leather. He dons a leather jacket when in the Earthen realm and rotates between a few shirts he managed to scrounge up on his visits there, one a long-sleeved shirt and one short-sleeved depending on the weather. He finds the jeans that he is told to wear strange and feel strange against his skin, but wears them to blend in and his normally wild hair is generally parted and slicked down to a manageable appearance. However, even in the Other Realm, as he calls it, he is always wearing his pendant of the Great Stallion, the symbol of his religion.

</div></div></div></div><div class="m-napptab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2"></label><div class="m-nappcontent"><TABLE border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="6" style="margin-top: -9px; margin-left: -8px;"><tr><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Likes</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>My horse, Molkai
<p><b>» </b>Spending time outside of my father’s castle on my own
<p><b>» </b>Working in the stables
<p><b>» </b>Going to the “other side” where other mortals live. They call it Earth; it is very interesting
<p><b>» </b>Proving myself in battle and defending my people

</div></div></td><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Dislikes</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>Not winning. In anything
<p><b>» </b>Anyone touching my horse. He is sacred to me
<p><b>» </b>Seeing my people in danger
<p><b>» </b>Being on Earth for too long. It is interesting but a strange culture
<p><b>» </b>Snakes. I have not liked them since I was bitten by one as a child
<p><b>» </b>I hate seeing animals taken for granted

</div></div></td></tr></TABLE><TABLE border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="6" style="margin-top: -8px; margin-left: -8px;"><tr><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Strengths</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>I have been riding since I was old enough to walk. I am a master horseman
<p><b>» </b>I am very good with a sword; I may not be the biggest man on the field but I make up for it in speed
<p><b>» </b>I am accurate with a bow and can shoot well
<p><b>» </b>I am a very patient person and level-headed
<p><b>» </b>I try to see the beauty in everything around me

</div></div></td><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Weaknesses</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>I am sometimes slow to act; I do not want to be too rash
<p><b>» </b>When I do rise to anger, I can take things too far
<p><b>» </b>I am a prideful man; being insulted does not sit well with me
<p><b>» </b>I tend to be blunt; whatever is on my mind, I say
<p><b>» </b>I have always been stubborn: whatever I say I am going to do, I do it

</div></div></td></tr></TABLE><TABLE border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="6" style="margin-top: -8px; margin-left: -8px;"><tr><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Goals</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>Become a great king like my ancestors before me
<p><b>» </b>Live my life as both a king and a warrior
<p><b>» </b>Continue to travel between Istari and Earth

</div></div></td><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Fears</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>Not being the son my father needs me to be
<p><b>» </b>Not becoming the king my people are expecting to receive when my time comes
<p><b>» </b>Not dying a warrior’s death to live in the Everlands with the other warriors of old

</div></div></td></tr></TABLE></div></div><div class="m-napptab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3"></label><div class="m-nappcontent"><div class="nappfields" style="margin-left: 0px;"><div class="napptitle">Personality</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="fieldstext">

Rykar is a prideful man. He comes from a long, “pure” line of Erros, the people of the horse. He can trace his lineage back to Asufal, the First Rider, and the first ancestor in his line, something he is immensely proud of. He does not like to boast his arrogance, but he walks tall and with his chin up, so it is impossible not to see the pride on his face or in his posture. At times he can be arrogant and even naïve; the young man wants to be a great king, but he has a lot to learn about the realms outside of his own and that not all function in the manner that his own does. <br>
</br>Brought up as a prince, Rykar tries his best to remain proper as often as possible. However, while he remains civil in the halls of his father, there are the ways of his people that contradict the fineness of new society, as they call it. For instance, it was common practice that when a soldier won a battle he could have his pick of any woman as a victory companion; his father has tried to outlaw that practice, claiming it to be barbaric, but Rykar is stuck between the old ways and the new ways. Unsure, he tends to be stuck between decisions and slow to act, weighing his options carefully before making a final choice. <br>
</br>Though slow to anger and generally level-headed, when roused Rykar’s wrath is formidable. After battle he has been known to approve of torture to those enemies he considers his worst; he has personally killed twenty men at his own hands in anger after a battle, dragging some behind his horse until they died or inventing some other form of murder to prove his point and display to his enemies that he and his people are to be feared. Though his father disapproves of his methods, Rykar has begun to lean more towards the old ways of his people. Men from outside of their realm labeled them as barbarians and savages, but Rykar firmly believes that they are one of the oldest and purest races in Istari and that their ways are to be preserved rather than altered to fit the changes around them. Stubborn and firm in his decisions when he makes them, he has a kind heart for his people, but for his enemies he shows no mercy and is promising to become a fearful king.

</div><br><div class="nappfields" style="margin-top: 7px; margin-left: -9; height: 252px;"><div class="napptitle">History</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="fieldstext">

Errosed, a vast grassland surrounded by mountains to its east and a stretch of sea to its southern reaches, is home to the horse lords, or the Erros as they call themselves. Noted for their riding prowess and almost magical abilities with horses, they are an ancient race of people of Istari and a very proud civilization that relies heavily on their most noted asset: their horses. <br>
</br>Their legend of creation revolves around the Great Stallion, a pure white horse who ran over the landscape before man came to be. With his hooves he created the gullies and ravines, and with every kick of his feet he sent dirt into the air and where it landed it formed the hills and mountains around them. He had a great herd that he cared for, but there were dangers all around that he had to protect them from. This stallion was a prideful animal, one that could not be tamed, and one day he ran from his herd. When he came back, he saw that a great bear had killed his herd. Broken hearted, tears leaked from his eyes and the salt waters formed from it, filling up the great craters he had created in his grief. Unable to live without his herd beside him, the Great Stallion jumped so high that he became lodged in the stars and now roams the Night Lands with his herd once again. <br>
</br>That legend became their religion, and the Great Stallion became their deity. The Erros believe that they are part of the Great Stallion’s herd, lost from his eyes until they die and join him again in the Night Lands to run with him as they should. It is also believed that warriors who die in battle are particularly honored and get to ride beside the Great Stallion for all eternity, so being killed in battle is seen as an honor to them and having a warrior’s death is seen as being no greater privilege. <br>
</br>There are many other legends that have been passed down from the ages of these people, most of them about riders and their horses or warriors to teach lessons to the little children or as epic poetry to tell during feasts. Everything in their culture revolves around these animals, including their stories, legends, religion, and architecture. Their buildings normally have some sort of monument to the Great Stallion and many have murals on their walls depicting stories from their legends or carved horses in the wood. They all have at least one horse of their own since it is the only means of transportation and such a sacred symbol to them, and many horses actually live in better conditions than their owners they are so worshiped. If a horse is ever lost in battle it gets the same death send-off as its rider. However, because they are so important, horses are also used for food, clothing, and many other things as well in this culture. The horse, in short, is everything to its people. <br>
</br>Born to the people of the horse (the Erros, as they call themselves in their language), Rykar is the last living son of his father, King Turnac. He had two older brothers who were killed in battle and Rykar, the youngest, was the last of his father’s children because his mother died in childbirth for him. That is not to say that Rykar or his father dislike or resent each other for this reason; Turac was heartbroken over the loss of his wife, but he knew better than to blame a child for something and willed it to the Great Stallion to keep her in the Night Lands until he could join her, raising the three boys on his own. <br>
</br>Rykar had a good childhood. After all, living the life of a prince meant he was privy to things most children were not, even in Errosed. He had the finest horses to learn to ride on (he began learning to ride almost as soon as he could walk, which is customary for his people; they belief that a rider she be as confident in the saddle as they are on their own feet); he had the finest swordmaster to learn from when he was old enough to begin learning (around seven) and a bowmaster to begin teaching him as well (again, around seven). He also had his older brothers, Raymeyr and Rumar, to help him learn what was expected of a warrior prince to learn. It was also during this time that the masters taught him about Gates: they told him there were worlds next to their own that they did not know much about or understand and that by breaching these Gates one could go back and forth between worlds. Enamored but scared, Rykar drank in their words but never attempted to go through a Gate. Yet. <br>
</br>Because Errosed is such a large expanse of land with valuable goods (hay, salt, iron, and of course their immensely valuable horses) it is almost in a constant state of warfare. Whether they are aiding their allies or defending their own lands, the Errors are never still for long and their swords are regularly quenched with blood. From a young age, Rykar was taught the religion and history of his people, learning that they had to fight to survive and that war was the way of Errosed. The masters and teachers all taught him this and he learned from watching those around him, especially his brothers, but his father was of a different mind. Turoc was a king who went to war with great reluctance and was more interested in negotiation and peace than defending his lands or preserving the ways of his people. He began to alter the religion, stating the Great Stallion was not the only god and that the others in the heavens were to be worshipped as well. Rykar was confused and unsure about following his father’s new ways, feeling they were wrong and too radical, but his brother Rumar took to his father’s new regime with passion while Raymeyr opposed almost violently. <br>
</br>With the very House of Erros divided, the people of Errosed were divided as well. Most wanted to stick with the old ways and a few wanted to embrace Turoc’s new ways. Watching his people become divided to the point where they were beginning to fight themselves, Rykar was still unsure what to do. He believed in the old ways and in the Great Stallion, but he wanted to prove that he was the son his father needed. When he was thirteen he rode into battle his first time. At thirteen boys are considered men and have to take their first blood; Rykar was stabbed in the chest that day but it was not fatal and he killed his first man. Ushered into manhood with pain and blood, it was only after the battle that he learned that his oldest brother, Raymeyr, had been killed. Furious, the normally level-headed boy saw red and in a fit of fury and revenge slit the throat of a man who had professed himself a prisoner of war. At thirteen on his Blood Day, Rykar had proven himself to be unpredictable and violent: a true Erros. <br>
</br>The struggle of religion in his household grew. Rykar began to hold strong to his beliefs in the old ways while his father and brother began to preach the new ways in earnest. The Erros began to approach Rykar in secret as early as his sixteenth birthday, some going to the brink of treason to suggest that he take over the throne. Rykar refused; the old ways stated that the line to the throne had to remain father to son, with the oldest in line becoming the next king, and that was Rumar. Even though he did not agree with their ways, Rykar would not risk his own beliefs to take away what was rightfully his brother’s. <br>
</br>During his twenty-first year, his brother Rumar died of fever. A fanatic, he had not eaten or slept in days as he worshipped the new gods and claimed to be working toward something that would unite the old and new ways. Broken hearted but unsurprised, Rykar laid to rest his second brother and wished him a spot in the Night Lands. His father, heartbroken, returned in silence to the throne and refused to be seen even by his last remaining son. Angry, Rykar demanded to be taken to a Gate. The master who had told him about them in his youth warned him that this was the grief speaking, but in his rage Rykar was not to be trumped. He was taken to a Gate and with his master he was taken to Earth for the first time. <br>
</br>His master, an elderly man named Pylos, had been his teacher and guardian since he was a child, so when he told Rykar to stop and put on different clothes, Rykar did as he was told, shocked at the strangeness of the garments. As he dressed, he saw for the first time concrete, streets, lampposts, and he was afraid. He did not know how to fight these strange things or even what they were. Pylos, however, had changed into some of the strange garments himself and told his prince not to worry and to follow him. Rykar walked with the elder for several hours that day, learning as much as he could about Earth and its ways before returning to Istari. For the next several years, he and Pylos would disappear for hours at a time when Rykar would command it and go to Earth. Rykar became familiar with Earth after several years of trips to and from the strange place, and while it is not his home, it is a welcomed reprieve from the unrest of his own kingdom. <br>
</br>Now the High Prince of Errosed, Rykar is still unsure what to do. His father has still firm in the belief of a marriage between the new and old ways, but Rykar feels that sticking to the old religion and the ways of his people is the right answer. He wants to be the son his father wants but he also wants to be the king his people need. His kingdom is on the brink of civil war over the issue, and with battles on all sides from their foes and defending their lands, it is a battle they cannot afford. He loves his people, but he loves his family, and he is torn between the two. Recently he has been taking longer trips to Earth, unable to deal with the issues in his own halls, trying to work out what to do next and how to save the crumbling foundations of a once long-lived and proud race.

</div></div></div></div></div><div class="m-napptab"><input type="radio" id="tab-4" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-4"></label><div class="m-nappcontent"><div class="napppowers" style="margin-left: 0px;"><div class="napptitle">Powers and Limitations</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="powerstext">


</div><br><div class="napprp" style=""><div class="napptitle">RP Sample</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="rptext">

He hated the rain. <br>

</br>And not just any rain. He hated when the rain came down in torrents like it was now. He might as well have gone swimming in order to reach the city instead of ride. <br>

</br>Visibility was at an all-time low. He had drawn up the hood of his cloak to try to keep the water from splashing over his face and into his eyes, but it had done very little help. The icy sting still managed to abuse his cheeks and forehead, and his clothing had been soaked completely through so that he was shivering as the icy spray continued to pelt him and the wind was merciless and completely oblivious to his discomfort. It had already been a trying day and this was not what he had needed improve his day. The only thing he wanted now was a hot meal and a warm bath and then a soft bed to fall into. <br>

</br>If only things could be that simple. <br>

</br>Blue-green eyes like orbs from the sea glared out at the horrendous storm, as though daring it to continue. His dark cloak billowed around him, making him appear weightless as a crack of thunder and a bolt of lightning tore through the dark night, illuminating the tall, lean figure astride a beast of great size and strength, but it was so quick that it was almost impossible to see. And that was the point: not to be seen. Why else would he chose to travel by night? And not just night, but a night with a storm so heavy that it would be nearly impossible for anyone to follow? <br>

</br>Grabbing the edge of his hood to pull it down further over his eyes, Rykar leaned over the thick, smooth skin that covered the bulking neck of his mouth, using it as a sort of wind shield to look down in hopes of seeing the city he had been searching for. He had to blink the water from his eyes once or twice to be sure, but he noted there were flecks of light ahead indicative of fires being burned in hearths to keep warm. Judging from the numerous flickering beacons, he had finally stumbled upon the object of his search. <br>

</br>"We're here."<br>

</br>Patting his mount's neck, he continued to lean forward in order to keep his balance as the horse slowed his pace to a stop. Rykar looked over his shoulder as daybreak started to creep over the horizon. He could not have timed it better. Relieved, he pushed the hood of his cloak off onto his shoulders as the rain let up, revealing light hair, lank and damp from the rain, and a weathered face for someone as young as he. He turned to the horse, a stallion called Mulkai, and grabbed his bags from the mount's back. He looked back up at the large manor; Mulkai had managed to stop in the courtyard of the mansion that overlooked the city, where the young lord was housed. Shouldering the bags, Rykar waited as some servants came trotting out and gave them instructions to make sure Mulkai got water and some food before he was brushed down and cooled off before a blanket was put on him. Watching the horse prance off with the nervous-looking servants, one portly servant motioned to Rykar to follow him to the house.

</div><br><div class="nappplayer" style=""><div class="napptitle">Player Info</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="playertext">

Hi all! I am Zombie, I am 25 years young(ish) and I have been rping for around 13 or 14 years now. I am down for adult situations and basically whatever is thrown at me (:

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