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Well met! I’m Kalista, and I co-admin Istari with my husband, Arius. We've run a few other sites together, from an old west Supernatural roleplay to a Tron Legacy board, but Istari is our first original creation. It was originally adapted as a D&D campaign setting for a group of friends, but I always loved the idea of mixing magic and technology to get both a classic and urban fantasy feel. I still enjoy playing tabletop D&D, but these days I tend to spend more time on writing and online roleplay.

Along with avid writing comes avid reading, and I always have at least one book going. I tend to bounce back and forth between urban or high fantasy and science fiction, but I also enjoy crime novels and a handful of the classics. I also love gaming on the Playstation and Nintendo 3DS. I love a wide variety of games, but the original Mass Effect trilogy is nearest and dearest to my heart.

I tend to be online from midday to late evening, depending on my work schedule, and I usually lurk throughout the day. I love working with coding and graphics, so if you’re having trouble with something or have questions about the setting, feel free to message me or hop into the chat box. I’m always open to feedback, and I hope you enjoy playing in Istari as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it!

Heyla! I'm Arius, one of the admins here on Istari, and Kalista's lucky husband. I love writing (obviously), especially horror, fantasy, and sci fi, though I've been known to dabble in poetry and even fanfiction in the past. Though I don't seem to find the time for them as much as I used to, I enjoy playing games, both video and tabletop, and if I'm not around on the site it's probably because I'm playing my PS4 or 3DS.

I'm a great devourer of all sorts of literature, from high fantasy epics to dry historical tales, from fiction to non-fiction, and even comic books, which I have a huge passion for. I co-own a small comic shop in my hometown, which is something of a dream come true for me, and I've been collecting and reading comics and graphic novels since I was about five years old.

I'm usually around in the evenings to answer questions, play in the cbox, or even just shoot the breeze, so feel free to hit me up if you ever need anything!

Hey there! I’m Kay, Istari's moderator, and it’s nice to meet you! I’ve been roleplaying and writing for more than ten years and have been playing on Istari for about the whole time that it’s been open. I’ve known Kali and Arius for almost ten years now and actually got my online handler name from Arius. I’m a frequent writer and I do get distracted relatively easily as I’m always on social media sites. But currently I’ve been distracted with watching TV shows.

I’m an avid TV watcher ranging from Supernatural all the way to anime and nostalgia TV shows. Currently I’ve gotten myself stuck on Gargoyles. I’m also a classic anime fan, I’ve seen some of the newer animes, but the classics are my favorite. I’m also into a lot of superhero movies and horror movies, but movies in general are the things that I’m doing if I’m not writing.

I used to be a night owl, but given my 4am work schedule, I can be found lurking around here at high noon to about early evening, I’m a lurker so there will always definitely be someone there to answer your questions! Welcome to Istari!


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Adeline Morray


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Nov 26th 2017, 07:15 PM

<div class="pncase"><div class="pnborder"><div class="pndtext">[/dohtml]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Detective Murphy stood on the other side of the mirror, tucked underneath his left arm was a vanilla folder thick with paper work, in his other hand his work phone. His blue eyes watched the woman on the other end. She was sitting facing the glass, her hair tied back into a pony tail terribly with loose strands hanging all over the place. There was some soot on her cheeks, a small scratch above her brow and her clothes were dirty and probably saw better days than this one. They had her hands cuffed to the top of the table that were chain linked to her feet that were also cuffed.

He had heard about this woman, and still he couldn’t believe that she was sitting in his station right now. Adeline Morray was probably one of the worst criminals to come into his town, and he’s seen some pretty nasty ones, but there was just something that he couldn’t wrap his mind around. How could this one tiny woman – who looked like she would fall over if you blew on her – could be on of the FBI’s most wanted? She’s killed countless people, including her own family, and ruined the lives of thousands more.

Except there was something else about her that he just didn’t understand. She had a wrap sheet that could go on for miles, but she risked her life to save one of his officers after his car exploded. A car that she had rigged to explode. She ran into the flames to drag his body out, then attend to his wounds, all before she was arrested. Then when she was brought here, she asked about the condition of the office.

Adeline Morray was one of the biggest mysteries that Detective Murphy had ever seen, and he couldn’t wait till he got the FBI here to take her out.

Adeline sat in the uncomfortable chair with her eyes clothes and head hanging down, quietly chanting to herself that things were going to be okay. She was going to get out of this like she always did. However, the probability of her escaping without killing anyone was most like slime to none. Already her powers had exploded nearly killing an innocent office who was just asking her if she wanted something warm to eat. The first time that an officer had ever been nice to her, she went ahead and blew up his car. She never wanted to hurt him, she didn’t want to hurt anyone. All Adeline wanted in life was to be alone so that people were safe from her and her powers.

She let out a soft sigh, then scooted her chair out a bit to rest her forehead on the edge of the table. Her mind raced with everything that could go wrong in this moment, which in turn made her heart race and beat as if it was going to burst from her chest. At the same time though she could feel her lungs tightening; it was getting harder to breathe.

Then the table started to rattle.

“Please don’t, no… come on, calm down…” Adeline whispered to herself. She clenched her eyes shut then pressed her forehead harder against the cold table.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Oct 23rd 2017, 08:33 PM
[doHTML]<style type="text/css">[type=radio]:checked ~ label ~ .m-nappcontent { z-index: 1; }</style><div id="nappcase"><table cellspacing="0" table cellpadding="0"><td><div id="nappcolumn"><div class="nappgif" style="


"></div><div class="nappinfo"><div class="minitext"><div class="minititle">User Group</div><div class="minidivider"></div>


</div></div><div class="nappinfo"><div class="minitext"><div class="minititle">Age</div><div class="minidivider"></div>


</div></div><div class="nappinfo"><div class="minitext"><div class="minititle">Sexuality</div><div class="minidivider"></div>


</div></div><div class="nappinfo"><div class="minitext"><div class="minititle">Occupation</div><div class="minidivider"></div>


</div></div><div class="nappinfo"><div class="minitext"><div class="minititle">Location</div><div class="minidivider"></div>

Nomadic, Earth

</div></div><div class="nappinfo"><div class="minitext"><div class="minititle">Aliases</div><div class="minidivider"></div>


</div></div><div class="nappinfo"><div class="minitext"><div class="minititle">Face Claim</div><div class="minidivider"></div>

Emily Browning

</div></div></div></td><td><div id="nappbody"><div class="m-napptab"><input type="radio" id="tab-1" name="tab-group-1" checked><label for="tab-1"></label><div class="m-nappcontent"><div class="nappimg">

<img src="http://i.imgur.com/C0s06g6.png">

</div><div class="newname" style="font-size: px">

Adeline Morray

<center><div class="divider" style="width: 98%; margin-top: -6px; margin-left: 5px;"></div></center><div class="lyricstext">

Run with my hands on my eyes
<br>Blind, but I’m still alive
<br>Free to go back on my own
<br>But is it still a home when you’re all alone?

</div></div><div class="napplooks"><div class="napptitle">Physical Description</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="lookstext">

Addie’s short, petite, pale with bright golden-brown eyes and dark brown hair to match. She got most of her looks from her mother’s side but her size from her father. She likes to keep her clothing light, comfortable, and easy to move around in. Most of the time she can be seen wearing jeans too big for her, or in yoga or sweat pants. Her hair is often untouched by products and left down, on the occasional hot day she’ll tie it back. Until the situation calls for it, Addie rarely wears any kind of makeup.

</div></div></div></div><div class="m-napptab"><input type="radio" id="tab-2" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-2"></label><div class="m-nappcontent"><TABLE border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="6" style="margin-top: -9px; margin-left: -8px;"><tr><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Likes</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>Reading
<p><b>» </b>Sleeping
<p><b>» </b>Traveling
<p><b>» </b>Horror movies
<p><b>» </b>Writing in her personal diary
<p><b>» </b>Sports

</div></div></td><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Dislikes</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>Demons
<p><b>» </b>Her powers
<p><b>» </b>Supernatural
<p><b>» </b>Rival teams in sports
<p><b>» </b>Being alone
<p><b>» </b>Frogs

</div></div></td></tr></TABLE><TABLE border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="6" style="margin-top: -8px; margin-left: -8px;"><tr><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Strengths</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>Powers
<p><b>» </b>Easily adaptable
<p><b>» </b>Plain Jane, helps her blend into crowds
<p><b>» </b>Quick learner
<p><b>» </b>Some supernatural knowledge
<p><b>» </b>Street smart

</div></div></td><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Weaknesses</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>Limited supernatural knowledge
<p><b>» </b>Trust issues
<p><b>» </b>Insomniac
<p><b>» </b>Short (can’t reach things in high places)
<p><b>» </b>Anxious
<p><b>» </b>Very guilty person
<p><b>» </b>Her criminal status
<p><b>» </b>Lack of control over her powers

</div></div></td></tr></TABLE><TABLE border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="6" style="margin-top: -8px; margin-left: -8px;"><tr><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Goals</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>Clear her name
<p><b>» </b>Gain control of her powers
<p><b>» </b>See the Backstreet Boys in concert

</div></div></td><td width="195" height="177"><div class="napplist"><div class="napptitle">Fears</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="listtext">

<b>» </b>Being caught by Amon or the FBI
<p><b>» </b>Killing someone with her abilities
<p><b>» </b>Never being able to settle down

</div></div></td></tr></TABLE></div></div><div class="m-napptab"><input type="radio" id="tab-3" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-3"></label><div class="m-nappcontent"><div class="nappfields" style="margin-left: 0px;"><div class="napptitle">Personality</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="fieldstext">

Adeline has a small body and a thin face that people often mistake for being shy, and that’s how she likes it. She doesn’t like to be noticed. Adeline is also calm and very down to earth for various reasons. Due to her powers being out of control when she’s under an emotional turmoil, Adeline tries very hard to keep herself out of situations that could result in such a way; whenever there’s a sign of drama for herself or anywhere near herself she quickly removes her abilities out of the equation.
However this is a double edged sword for her; because Addie is constantly thinking about the damage and trouble that her powers could cause, she’s constantly in a state of anxiety and stress. She can be easy to scare and very easy to manipulate into feeling guilty. Despite understanding that what Amon had done during her years of being possessed, she still carries a large amount of guilt when it comes to the crimes committed and the lives that had been ruined. Though she tries her hardest to talk herself out of an anxiety attack but a drawback is that she’s not entirely sure what exactly are her triggers.
Along with her near crippling anxiety, Addie also has a lot of trust issues. Now that she’s been exposed to the darkest parts of the world, she’s entirely unsure who is on her side and who is a human and who is not. Given that her supernatural knowledge is extremely limited, she’s cautious on who she exposes her powers too, if she does it at all. Since being free from her demon captor, Addie’s also seen some of humanities darkest hours, so becoming friendly with her is possible but actually being considered a trustworthy friend is something of a difficult feat to attain.
Because she was possessed during her crucial social development years, Adeline still acts like a youngster. She can be very immature, annoying, overdramatic, and angsty like most teenagers in this decade. Like most teens, Adeline keeps her feelings bottled up and often feels like she’s alone and no one understands her situation enough to get her. She craves attention and help, but lacks the confidence or trust in anyone to really allow someone on the outside to give her that help. She’s built walls for what she believes to be a good reason.

</div><br><div class="nappfields" style="margin-top: 3px; margin-left: -9; height: 252px;"><div class="napptitle">History</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="fieldstext">

The beginning of Adeline’s life was uneventful. Addie was born to a gypsy father and a gorger (non-gypsy) mother. Unable to handle the Romani gypsy cultural and expectations of women, Addie’s mother left her at a very young age. Her father travelled frequently for work so she was often left with the Matriarch of the Morray family, Addie’s grandmother Netty.
Adeline and her grandmother were very close as Netty allowed her to indulge in gorger life, which meant that she went to school, had friends, and even played sports. During her school years, Adeline excelled socially and academically. She joined her school’s soccer team and by the time that high school came into view Adeline was being considered for a position on varsity girls’ soccer team. She also had the opportunity of being a part of several after school programs. When she wasn’t in an after-school program or at practice, she spent a lot of time with her grandmother who told her folktale stories about their family, her days travelling back then, and some supernatural tales.
When her powers developed at the age of fourteen, Adeline learned that she came from a long line of gypsy psychics. Her father was without powers, but her grandmother Netty was a powerful telepath. Training immediately began for Adeline, forcing her to drop out of the after-school programs she came to love. Coupled with training and learning about her psychic powers, Addie was thrown into the life of the supernatural. Both her father and grandmother were determined that she knew how to defend herself against a creature who would want to use her for her powers.
Within months Adeline’s power grew and Netty was forced to withdraw her granddaughter from school. It became apparent that Adeline may be one of the strongest psychics that their family has seen in years; talk began between Addie’s father and Netty about sending her to Ireland to live with extended family who were better equipped to handle her powers. However, that trip would never come for Adeline. At the age of sixteen, she got possessed by a powerful demon with a fetish for psychic children named Amon. He then killed Adeline’s grandmother and father, then took off to wreak chaos across the United States.
Adeline was possessed by Amon from the age of sixteen to twenty-one. During that time Amon did countless horrendous acts against innocent people and psychic children. Adeline went from being a suspect for the murder of her grandmother and father and being a missing person to the top of the FBI’s Most Wanted. On her twenty-first birthday, Addie was liberated from Amon by a hunter with a vendetta against him who went by the name of Alphonse. However, due to the abuse and recklessness that Amon had with Adeline’s body, Alphonse was forced to bring her to a hospital to seek medical treatment. But because of her status and national reputation of a felon, the hospital staff recognized her right away and contacted the FBI agent assigned to her case, Special Agent Flanigan.
She was detained and arrested at the hospital. During most of her short stay in there, Adeline’s power laid dormant. It wasn’t until Adeline suffered from a vicious night terror did her powers rear their ugly head. More than a few hospital staffs came in to try to calm her, but her powers broke out in such a burst that she killed a few of the nurses, the FBI agents that stood guard of her room, and injured just about everyone else. In a fit of panic, Adeline managed to escape the hospital leaving wreckage in her wake.
During her time on the run, Addie realized that her powers were stronger and out of control even more than they ever were. She came to the conclusion that Amon woke her full potential while being possessed. She also went through trial and error when it came to figuring out what techniques and skills she was going to need to help herself evade authorities while also keeping herself as protected from supernatural influences as she could. After two years, Adeline’s managed to get a good grip on a routine that keeps her out of the lime-light and she’s somehow managed to gain about 5% control over her powers. However she hopes for a day that running from the law or anything for that matter would come to an end so that she can enjoy life.

</div></div></div></div></div><div class="m-napptab"><input type="radio" id="tab-4" name="tab-group-1"><label for="tab-4"></label><div class="m-nappcontent"><div class="napppowers" style="margin-left: 0px;"><div class="napptitle">Powers and Limitations</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="powerstext">

<b>» Psychokinesis:</b> Adeline developed the powers of psychokinesis (also known as telekinesis) when she was fourteen which is the ability to move and manipulate physical objects (ranging from inanimate to animate, such as living creatures), with her mind. Her abilities when they were presented told that she might have been the most powerful psychic that her family had ever seen.
However due to being possessed by Amon, Adeline’s powers seemed to pour from a flood gate. They’re chaotic and uncontrollable 90% of the time. So she lives in constant fear of hurting someone. The little control that she does have over her powers came from her practice in her younger years which is being able to move tiny objects such as plates and notebooks. But just doing that comes with a great deal of concentration that can easily overexert her and in turn can cause her to pass out, have migraines, and even nose bleeds.
Because Addie is a chaotic psychic, there are many attributes to her powers (other than the ability itself) that she has no control over. Such as the speed of how things are lifted and moved, and that speed can often lead to injuries or fatal impacts to those that are around her during an episode. Despite her powers being chaotic, they are also at its weakest in this state. Someone of a stronger mental health or mental ability, such as demons, angels, and other psychics, can easily overcome the influence of her powers or be nullified around them. And during the little control that she does have while practicing, the heavier the object the harder it is to move and control, the heavier the object the stronger the concentration; which can be broken however that can have major consequences for both herself and the object inflicted.
When given the proper training and practice, which at this point could take years, Addie could be an extremely powerful psychic.

</div><br><div class="napprp" style=""><div class="napptitle">RP Sample</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="rptext">

Admin approved.

</div><br><div class="nappplayer" style=""><div class="napptitle">Player Info</div><div class="divider"></div><div class="playertext">

It’s Kay with some refresh blood!

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