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Well met! I’m Kalista, and I co-admin Istari with my husband, Arius. We've run a few other sites together, from an old west Supernatural roleplay to a Tron Legacy board, but Istari is our first original creation. It was originally adapted as a D&D campaign setting for a group of friends, but I always loved the idea of mixing magic and technology to get both a classic and urban fantasy feel. I still enjoy playing tabletop D&D, but these days I tend to spend more time on writing and online roleplay.

Along with avid writing comes avid reading, and I always have at least one book going. I tend to bounce back and forth between urban or high fantasy and science fiction, but I also enjoy crime novels and a handful of the classics. I also love gaming on the Playstation and Nintendo 3DS. I love a wide variety of games, but the original Mass Effect trilogy is nearest and dearest to my heart.

I tend to be online from midday to late evening, depending on my work schedule, and I usually lurk throughout the day. I love working with coding and graphics, so if you’re having trouble with something or have questions about the setting, feel free to message me or hop into the chat box. I’m always open to feedback, and I hope you enjoy playing in Istari as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it!

Heyla! I'm Arius, one of the admins here on Istari, and Kalista's lucky husband. I love writing (obviously), especially horror, fantasy, and sci fi, though I've been known to dabble in poetry and even fanfiction in the past. Though I don't seem to find the time for them as much as I used to, I enjoy playing games, both video and tabletop, and if I'm not around on the site it's probably because I'm playing my PS4 or 3DS.

I'm a great devourer of all sorts of literature, from high fantasy epics to dry historical tales, from fiction to non-fiction, and even comic books, which I have a huge passion for. I co-own a small comic shop in my hometown, which is something of a dream come true for me, and I've been collecting and reading comics and graphic novels since I was about five years old.

I'm usually around in the evenings to answer questions, play in the cbox, or even just shoot the breeze, so feel free to hit me up if you ever need anything!

Hey there! I’m Kay, Istari's moderator, and it’s nice to meet you! I’ve been roleplaying and writing for more than ten years and have been playing on Istari for about the whole time that it’s been open. I’ve known Kali and Arius for almost ten years now and actually got my online handler name from Arius. I’m a frequent writer and I do get distracted relatively easily as I’m always on social media sites. But currently I’ve been distracted with watching TV shows.

I’m an avid TV watcher ranging from Supernatural all the way to anime and nostalgia TV shows. Currently I’ve gotten myself stuck on Gargoyles. I’m also a classic anime fan, I’ve seen some of the newer animes, but the classics are my favorite. I’m also into a lot of superhero movies and horror movies, but movies in general are the things that I’m doing if I’m not writing.

I used to be a night owl, but given my 4am work schedule, I can be found lurking around here at high noon to about early evening, I’m a lurker so there will always definitely be someone there to answer your questions! Welcome to Istari!


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 walking after midnight, kay
Boston Winters
 Posted: Jun 12th 2018, 05:45 PM
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The night air was cool now that night had truly fallen around them. Dinner had gone better than he could ever have hoped for and rather than making an excuse to go home right after, Boston had asked if she would like to walk a bit before turning in for the night. To his immense delight she had agreed, and so they had gone to a local park. Every several feet, streetlamps shone to light the path before them. Boston had given Kay his arm in order to appear at least semi-gentleman-like and as a convenient excuse to remain close to her.

He glanced around, taking in the night and of course the present company beside him. For him to gather up the courage to ask someone out rather than just jump into bed with them was rare, and to find himself actually enjoying their company was almost unheard of. "So, I had a nice time," he said after a few moments, casting his mind around for something to mention and talk about. Anything to keep her talking and to try to prove he was interesting to a degree. His self-depreciation was legendary in that way. This girl was so far out of his league that it was laughable. It might not have been the best restaurant in the world they had just left, but the food was good and the company better. "Was the food alright for you?"
Kaylynn Maverick
 Posted: Jul 3rd 2018, 08:25 PM
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Kaylynn in a million years didn’t think that she would ever find herself courting again. She didn’t think that she would ever find someone that would consider her worthy of their attention. Kaylynn didn’t think that anything that was relatively close to living a somewhat normal life was ever going to be introduced to her ever again.

And honestly, she wasn’t sure if she ever wanted it. Her time as a human and her time for normalcy has been over for well over 200 years. She was beginning to get used to the mysterious and constantly moving life that she had adapted too; but now the question was, was she actually happy in it?

This night with Boston was the first time that she had actually felt any kind of happiness since her resurrection. And she wasn’t sure if she ever wanted to let that go. Kaylynn could tell that the same thing could have been said about him. He seemed to be shining a bit more this night compared to all the other nights that they have seen each other. Granted, they were in the hospital where Boston’s sibling Dallas had an episode; but Kaylynn felt lucky to have been his nurse. Dallas was a wonderful kid and had a great support system.

They were great people.

Kaylynn had her hands around Boston’s arm modestly. As soon as she heard his voice though, her head was turned upright looking at him. She gave him a tender smile.

“Of course. And you? Did you enjoy it?”

To be fair, what she had said hadn’t been a complete lie, just a truth that was stretched. Kaylynn hadn’t been able to taste what real food and nutrition tasted like for centuries. She could only relish in the memory of them, which allowed her to play off of the vague and fuzzy memories of her human life to provide Boston a somewhat truthful answer. When she was human, Kaylynn was a huge food addict, in fact, there were days that she wasn’t entirely sure how she was able to stay so thin the way that she ate. Her mother always complimented her on the talent, but also always warned her that someday, all that food and calorie intake was going to catch up to her.


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notes;; Sorry that this sucks, hopefully my next one will be better.

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